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In tribute to the late Frank Sinatra Jr., Mike performs compositions from movies, television, and jazz standards.Classic arrangements reorchestrated for woodwind ensemble, written and performed by Mike Smith, with Kurt Elling, Julian Smith, and Joel Spencer

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Words have always come so easily for me. Not this time.

It's with a heavy heart that I reflect on a friendship that was a journey of over thirty years. This man - Franklin Wayne Sinatra - was my boss, best friend, companion. He was the big brother I never had. We traveled the world together, attended weddings, funerals, births, Bar Mitzvahs and Christenings. We celebrated good times and commiserated over bad times. We talked on the phone almost every day.
He loved musicians, and always treated them with the utmost respect, generous to a fault. He made it possible for me to have a career playing lead alto saxophone-woodwinds on some of the finest orchestrations ever written. But most of all, he was my friend. And Frank, until we meet again, know how much I loved you. 

1-10-1944  / 3-16-2016

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